ProClip Scania R-series 10-16 Angled mount (extra strong )

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Extra strength mounting platform for installation of heavier devices. You can keep your device in a holder or attach it directly onto the mounting platform. The placement is optimized for touch screens, PDAs, taximeter screens and printers. You will have your device within easy reach, safe and convenient! The installation is quick and easy and will not damage the interior. Detailed installation instructions included.
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More Information
Accessory brand Brodit
Barcode 7320282134747
Recommended retail price incl. VAT 42.95
Type ProClip left hand
Position Right side of dashboard
Color black
Extra Strong No
Product suitable for Proclip
Exchange period 30 days
Repair period 30 days
Return period 30 days
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Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the ProClip. This ProClip consists of two parts:
Part 1. Attaching part
2. ProClip face plate.

1. Remove the rubber mat in the compartment. Use the enclosed alcohol pad to clean the area where the ProClip is to be installed. Place the notches on Part 1 into the three holes on the left side of the compartment. Press Part 1 downward so the notches go all the way into the holes.

2. Pull Part 1 toward you so the notches hook into the holes. Peel off the adhesive tape covers on Part 2. Place Part 2 onto Part 1 so the corners of Part 2 rest against the compartment frame and the holes in Part 2 match the holes in Part 1.

3. Pull Part 1 toward you, in the same time attach Part 2 onto Part 1 with the enclosed screws. It is important to keep pulling Part 1 the whole time you tighten the screws in order for the notches to hook properly in the holes.

4. The ProClip is in place.

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