Brodit houder voor TomTom ONE V3 met TMC module

Brodit houder voor TomTom ONE V3 met TMC module



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Tip: Install this holder with a Brodit ProClip on your dashboard Brodit ProClip.

Accessoiremerk Brodit
Type Device specific
Connection Passive
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Productinfo Brodit houder
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  • TomTom ONE 3rd Edition (v3)
Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the mount. 1. Remove the screws in the casing on the back of the original mount. Pull the suction cup mount away from the original mount. Remove the casing from the suction cup mount. Press the casing onto the 215256-mount.
2. Press the 215256-mount onto the original mount. Attach the casing with the screws.
3. Place the 215256-mount on desired position and attach it with the enclosed screws.
4. The mount is in place.